November things

My creative life has largely been absorbed by a writing project I started last month and hope to have a finished draft of by the end of this month. I’ve bee writing at an incredible speed (for me); 47,000 words at the time of writing this. I’m probably going to hit 55k or 60k for a finished draft. That’s exciting! I’ll talk more about it when it’s more presentable.

The Garages put out not one, but two releases in since the beginning of the month.

Still trying to figure out if I want to dive into Fediverse social network stuff or nah. I am barely on twitter anymore and it’s really nice. Healthy, even. Not sure I want to go back to that. There’s people I miss communicating with, sure, but they know how to find me.

Finally, a great article from the St. Louis American about Black urban farms working to combat food apartheid in the city, and in the country. More mutual aid is always good.

The holidays are coming in the US. I hope you all treat yourself well, no matter how your family treats you.