A Lot Going On

It’s been a month. I have thoughts I’ve been working on banging out, about tea and urban planning, and little computers, and creative projects. Right now, there’s so much I can’t quite focus on one thing. I’m just coming off of a Blaseball fandom project, and I need to focus on my witches for a bit before I move on to other things, namely a story based on a regional variant of baseball. I’d love to do a comic, but I lack the skills for that.

Of course, I could just do it because it would be rad to make a comic.

I rambled about that over on my Small Web alter-ego, coincidentally also called Official Donut. What if I just did things for fun? What if there wasn’t a profit motive, or a need to make something perfect? I need to think about that more.

There’s no point to this, just posting to be posting. Which, I guess, is kind of the point.